Sphagnum turf from Madagascar

Your grass will make a more fluid and breathing support allowing a capacity of water retention more durable surface. Turf seed, enjoy significant power stimulating root sphagnum by incorporating it directly to ground. A density of 30% sphagnum allows meaningful results. With the sphagnum Madagascar incorporated into the soil from your lawn, you will save water and watering your lawn will be more sustainable

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Sphagnum for growing orchids and bonsai

On the surface, at the foot of bonsai and protecting them from the sun while keeping moisture this nature reserve water encourages root formation. It allows the realization of air marcottages. Its use is strongly recommended in growing orchids.

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Sphagnum moss used in horticulture

Sphagnum moss is vital as a horticultural production and land preparation for planting organic matter. Sphagnum moss also releases amino compounds antibactéricides, preventing the growth of bacteria and plants can grow without root diseases. In addition, moss is a root stimulant outstanding, it does not compress, allowing the roots to breathe. In more and more growers, the cuttings are in 100% sphagnum Madagascar: the results are surprising.

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Hydroponics is a method of growing plants with overground only nutrient required for a flow of a nutrient solution which flows continuously. Economic and environmental benefits of moss as a medium for soilless culture. Reduction in water consumption due to the ability to retain water and rehydration of moss. Fruits and vegetables obtained from hydroponics have a better flavor and are more nutritious and rich in vitamins. Hydroponics with sphagnum will cultivate all year round abundant vegetation while preserving your environment.

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The art of topiary

This becomes trendy in our contemporary landscape. Sphagnum moss gives quick and dramatic results. After shaping your metal structure, you fill it from peat moss through a small hole that you previously drilled. These metal forms are intended to guide the growth of plants and the gardener's shears. Many plants, preferably evergreen, with small leaves and compact growth habit, are suitable for this purpose as English ivy or Boston.

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The green walls

The concepts of living wall, wall coat vegetated green wall and describe ecosystems vertical gardens or more or less artificial, sometimes designed as aesthetic elements from decor, as part of urban gardening, sometimes as works of art using the plant, or as elements of urban ecology. In the latter case, those walls like green roof or living fences, can contribute to the fifteenth target HQE and maybe at restoring network of biological corridors in the city include (technique not previously tested species local in Europe). They can serve as shelter or pantry for birds, invertebrates and mammals, but they can also play a role in the microclimate, water purification, flood control and urban air quality .

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